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Mark Morgan, that is me has been around the SCA since before Calontir was a kingdom, I have lived in The Middle, Northshield, Annsterroa, and Atlantia. One fo the things that define my ife is certain amount of reading disorder in other words I don't spell well and elaborate patterning and ornamenting of text makes unable to read it so I stay unadorned if you see something graphic it is because I am showing you something if you want your text dressed up look elsewhere Kosntans Errickidaes ( or Errickson if you speak some barbarian tongue) the youngest of the 3 sons of Errick of Kiev (who left Kiev shall we say for reasons of health, a slight business deal involving the Prince and his boyars very sad) his elder half brothers(alternate personas) are Byorn Errickson Issac ben Errick rumors that dad had a harem in Mecca are merely vicious rumors spread by our competitors

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